ptsd, ocd & trauma

OCD and Trauma

When we think of trauma, we often think of events like car accidents, natural disasters, or physical or sexual abuse.

However, trauma can also occur in response to less dramatic events, such as witnessing violence, being the victim of bullying, or growing up in a household where there was a lot of conflict.

Trauma can have a major impact on our mental health, and one of the disorders it can contribute to is OCD. OCD is a mental illness that is characterized by intrusive, obsessive thoughts and repetitive, compulsive behaviors. People with OCD often feel like they have to do certain things in order to prevent something bad from happening. For example, someone with OCD might have a fear of germs and spend hours every day washing their hands and disinfecting their home. Or, someone with OCD might have a fear of being hurt, and so they might avoid leaving their house or driving.

OCD can be a very debilitating disorder, and it is often made worse by trauma. This is because trauma can lead to feelings of fear, guilt, and powerlessness, which can trigger OCD symptoms.