How ocd.app helps you deal with OCD

The app is based on the core principles of CBT. While not being a “therapy” or “treatment” in itself, It directly targets the person’s thought patterns.

Break negative thinking habits, embrace positive change and explore over 1000+ exercises.

The app features:

  • Increase awareness of negative, maladaptive thoughts common among people suffering from OCD
  • Learn to generate alternative thinking patterns
  • Daily exercises that evolve and personalize based on your specific goals and condition
  • Interactions and games that assist in creating and maintaining healthy thinking habits
  • Self assessments to personalize the app based on your condition
  • Mood and supportive thinking tracker to help you track your progress
  • Exploration of additional mental health topics, such as anxiety, depression, body image, perfectionism and more.

Research has shown that using the app for at least 14 days can build supportive thinking, reduce maladaptive beliefs and increase resilience.

Similarly to CBT, these effects are proven to be lasting. In one study, using the app for 14 days has built resilience that lasted for at least 30 days, even without using the app after the initial 14 days.

OCD modules in the app

Module #1

OCD I (Basic)

Self assessment
Embracing and believing in change
Cope with threat

Module #2

OCD III (Advanced)

Confidence in memory

Module #3

OCD III (Expert)

Fear of contamination
Fear of harm
Fear of abandonment and trusting

How do I start?

We created an easy to download and use app that utilizes the latest mobile and big data technology.

  1. Download the app
  2. Complete the tutorial. It will guide you through the main principles of the app.
  3. Personalize based on your goals, age and gender
  4. Form a healthy habit by training daily
  5. Important! Don’t use the app when you have compulsions. The app should not be used to seek reassurances in times of need. Instead, use it first thing in the morning or before going to bed
  6. When you gain confidence, improve your access to helpful thinking and acquire supportive thinking patterns, you can keep using the app on a regular basis – for example twice a week
  7. Tell us about your story, and share your success with others
Module #1


Self assessment
Embracing and believing in change
Cope with threat

Module #2

Relationship OCD

Fear of thoughts

Module #3

PTSD / Trauma

Belief in change
Dangerous world
Attachment anxiety