OCD, Anxiety & Sleep

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 $$$ – Therapist costs

 $ – Save money


No published evidence

13 published studies

Time burden

Long term

3-4 minutes of your day


Takes months

91% see first results within a week


Privacy concerns

Anonymous and private

User feedback


4.8 / 5.0 (2,635 reviews)

Why you are going to love ocd.app


I love this app! I tried pretty much everything… but this one, it helped me so much with my OCD. I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with OCD. It’s helped me to track my progress, set goals, and stay on track. I’m so grateful for this app!

— Bella G.

“It works”

This is my first review for an app and I am an 10+ years iPhone user. When I find myself overthinking, overstressing, and over anything that deals with anxiety, OCD, etc., the phrases or statements on this app pops up in my head to remind myself that everything will be ok.

— Connor P.

“Super easy”

I never thought I could get my OCD under control, but this app makes it so easy. I can manage my intrusive thoughts and they don’t seem so bad anymore. Thank you for making something for people who suffer.

— Chris W.

Understand how it works


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Real people – real results


Getting to understand how you think is what it really does. And the app gives you the tools to truly fix it.

— Summer E.

“Pays off”

First, you have to complete the exercises – that took me five weeks. Afterwards come the real benefit – that I can find content for pretty much whatever difficulties I am facing.

— Lati A.


After using this amazing resource for over a year, I know that it’s always with me. Thank you, ocd.app!

— Ashley C.

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